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New Chapter for Simon's Hot Dogs: From Restaurant to Rolling Flavors with Our New Food Truck!

Ordering Our Hot Dogs Is Easy!

Quick, convenient, and oh-so-tasty! Check out where we are today and place your order.

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1) Choose a Style

Select Your Flavor Adventure. Explore our variety of gourmet hot dog toppings, all crafted in-house.

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2) Choose a Sausage

We offer beef, Colombian chorizo (pork), bratwurst, vegetarian (Field Roast or Tofurky), and vegan (Field Roast or Tofurky) sausage options.

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3) Pickup

Order online and pick up your favorite Colombian hot dogs from our food truck at today's location.

Order now from our food truck at today's location!

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Beef, Vegan and Colombian Style Hot Dogs


Simon's Hot Dogs is elevating the classic hot dog experience! Forget the usual ketchup and mustard combo - our food truck offers an extraordinary twist with our unique Perro Caliente, the Colombian hot dog sensation. Come find us and dive into a world of unexpected flavors!

We put a Colombian twist on the classic chili cheese dog, Chicago style, and Hawaiian dog. We use fresh, hand-crafted ingredients and toppings that elevate our hot dog's flavors to the next level! With vegan hotdog options and a large variety of flavors, you're sure to want to try them all!

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We care about your dietary needs, so we take special measures to avoid cross-contamination for our vegan customers as we carefully craft your order. If you order your hot dog vegan style, we make sure to provide you with the following options: vegan bread, vegan sausages, vegan cheese, vegan chili, Vegenaise, vegan bacon bites, and separate cooking stations.

Vegan Pop-up✨

Simon's Hot Dogs is thrilled to invite you to a special Vegan Pop-Up event at @BegBakery. We're teaming up to bring you a special day in March filled with mouth-watering vegan hot dogs, our famous loaded fries, and scrumptious mac and cheese. Plus, enjoy the sweet finale with Beg Bakery's exquisite vegan and gluten-free sweet baked goods.

Friday, March 8 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Address: 3030 N 68th St, Scottsdale, AZ. From 5:30pm to 8:30pm

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